Arda Team


The Arda surf team is formed with certified, experienced  and local surfers 


Hi! My name is Kiko, i´m the head coach from Arda Surf School & House.

Surfing since age 7, at Praia da Arda with my brother, i had competed on the National Junior Championships since 12 years old, made part of the National  Portuguese team in the Open category, and still doing some local championships just for fun.

After working for 15 years teaching surf  at schools in Porto and Viana do Castelo, i decided to open my own school, and after that, to open a surf house so people could have a good place to stay! With our team local knowledge, you will surely catch the best waves around and visit the most interesting places of Minho Province.
Me and the team of surf coaches will teach you step-by-step how to progress in your surfing, no matter if you have never surfed before, already tried it a few times or are on an advanced level.


Ciso, surfer and skater from Viana do Castelo, started surfing at 8 years old, and been teaching surf for 15 years. ” Never liked to surf on competitions but had some good results competing on skate bowls. His the leader vocal of Mr.Miyagi, a punk rock band, so he spend most of his life skating, surfing and playing around Europe .


Local bodyboarder and surfer from Arda beach, Ruben is a surf teacher for the   last 10 years on the area and have a good knowledge about local waves. He is also a downhill skater.