Surf lessons / Rentals / Guide


Surf lessons are given taking into account the level of each student – beginner or advanced surfer, and in strict accordance with the rules and regulations of the Portuguese Surfing Federation. Our monitors are very experienced surfers and certified by the Portuguese Surfing Federation .

Classes take place primarily at Arda Beach (Praia da Arda) in Afife. This may however be changed to other nearby spots such as: Vila Praia de Âncora, Moledo or Viana do Castelo if the conditions of the sea so demand.
Classes will last approximately 1 ½ hours but may be extended if students so wish.

AULA DE GRUPO / GROUP LESSON 6 persons for coach Beginners and Advanced

1 aula/class (1:30) 30€
5 aulas / classes 120€
10 aulas / classes 200€
Preço de mensalidade para alunos locais/Adesão durante todo ano,excepto época balnear.Contacte-nos.

AULA PRIVADA / PRIVATE LESSON max.2 p Beginners and Advanced

1 aula/class (2:00) 70€
5 aulas / classes 240€
10 aulas / classes 450€

All gear is included, surf board and wetsuit.


                                                         3h       1d       5d        7d 

Prancha / Surfboard                 15€      25€    100€    125€

Fato / Wetsuit                              10€      15€     60€      75€